KSR-PMI Unit UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

KSR-PMI Unit UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

Preparing a Survival and Emergency Kit

Indonesia is well known by the supermarket of disaster. Many kinds of disaster has happened in this country, such as flood, earthquake, tsunami, and many others. These debacles are often difficult to be predicted. Actually people need to have a preparedness of disaster. Having an emergency kit is an example of the preparedness. In fact, many who do not know what emergency kit is like. Such as the name, emergency kit is a bag which is equipped with basic needs to survive in an emergency. This kit is benefited to get ready for any situation. Since you do not know what condition you will face when an emergency occurs, you need to prepare this kit.
First, you have to prepare the essential supplies in your emergency kit. Human cannot survive without water and food, so provide them for at least three days. The next is First aid kit, it is a must in an emergency kit. Then, you should have whistle for help signal, flashlight, toiletry, plastic, clothes, and blanket or sleeping bag. A set of important family documents or a family photo is equally important because it will be a really helpful thing if you are separated from your family. If it is possible, make sure your kit is equipped by a radio. A broadcasting for updating the information of the situation. Besides, it can be an entertainer. Another thing to remember is your emergency kit must be a waterproof bag due to the endurance. Further, the content of an emergency kit can be customized to each person need. 
After gathering the basic supplies, remember for keeping up the kit, so it will ready when required. Putting your stuff in different container or classifying your stuff will make you easier to find and maintain them. Give a cool and dry place for the canned food to avoid a damaged sustenance. Take care of the things which can be expired such as food and medicine. Just imagine should you consume an expired thing in an emergency, the condition may be worse. So do not forget to supplant the expired items as needed. Needs also can change whenever, for this reason you need to reconsider consistently and update your kit as your needs change. As has been noted, maintaining your kit is important to keep your stuff in a good condition. 
Preparedness is needed at any time and in anywhere, hence put on an emergency kit for each; home, work place, and vehicle. Keep the kit in an assigned place and get it prepared in the event that you need to leave your home rapidly. Ensure all family members know where the kit is kept. Next, prepare an emergency kit to bring about to your office. It is reasonable because of more than a half of day you spend your time at work place. It would be advisable if you had better to get ready for the other shoes. Prepare a comfortable walking shoes. Were you usually ride or drive a car to anywhere, it is recommended to have an emergency kit in your car. Indeed, getting ready emergency kits for some places will help you to survive when an emergency happens. 
Preparing a survival or an emergency kit is one of the way to anticipate disaster or emergency situation. Emergency kit is contained by urgent needs that can help people through an emergency. These urgent needs must be maintained so it is ready when needed. It will be very good should people have several emergency kits in different places. This thing is such a magic kit. It is like the magic pocket of Doraemon that can give people anything in an emergency. Since you live in a country that has numerous disasters, you must get a kit of this kind as you preparedness. Note further that appeal your family and neighborhood to prepare this kit can avoid them from the worse situation when there is emergency and it is really a donor thing. 
Oleh: Iddatul Hidayah

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